High School Cheerleading Coach Traumatized Male Student With Thanksgiving Sex, Cops And Parent Say

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The latest female teacher busted this week for allegedly traumatizing a teenage male student with sex is Jennifer Hartlieb.

Hartlieb, 32, resigned her job as a social studies teacher and cheerleading coach at South Lenoir High School in rural North Carolina on Monday. Shortly thereafter, she turned herself in to be arrested.

The married teacher and the unidentified male student began their fling when the teen was 15, reports The Free Press, a newspaper out of Kinston, N.C.

The high schooler has since turned 16.

It’s not clear how the sheriff found out about the doomed romance between teacher and student. According to regional NBC affiliate WNCN, the teen’s parents contacted the sheriff. However, one of the parents told The Free Press that the informer was someone else.

In any case, the sheriff’s office learned of the relationship between Hartlieb and the teen on Monday, Sheriff Ronnie Ingram said, and issued a warrant for the teacher’s arrest the same day.

School district officials issued a statement.

“Jennifer Hartlieb has submitted her resignation effective November 30, 2015,” the statement, obtained by WNCN, said. “The details of this matter are confidential as required by law, but the school system takes any concerns and complaints regarding the conduct of school system employees seriously and takes appropriate action.”

Veritable parent on the street Amalia Petion expressed shock at the allegations against Hartlieb.

“A 16-year-old?” Petion asked the interviewing WITN reporter. “I hope she owns up to it and I hope they can get help for the young man.”

One of the teen’s parents — it’s not clear which one — told The Free Press that Hartlieb would pick her son up at the house under the ruse that she was the mother of the teen’s girlfriend. However, Hartlieb wouldn’t pull up in the driveway, which was odd, the parent explained.

“This girl who was supposed to be the mom at this time, dropping my son off, never pulled in my driveway,” the parent told the local newspaper. “She would stop on the side of the road and that’s the first time I ever questioned my son.”

The teen and the teacher spent some quality time together over Thanksgiving, the parent added.

“While he still had his phone, she was still contacting him, telling him she loved him, she was going to leave her husband for him and it would be all over with soon,” the parent also told The Free Press.

The parent is now worried about the boy and may arrange for therapy for him.

Hartlieb had taught at South Lenoir High since 2010. Her annual salary was $40,150.

She faces a single felony count for having sex with a student.

A judge released the teacher on a bond of $35,000.

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