Liberals Stick to Their Guns: San Bernardino Happened Because Republicans Won’t Support Gun Control

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Just hours after the Wednesday terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley tweeted that the National Rifle Association was to blame for the violence:

His accusation was echoed by Hillary Clinton, who said she refuses to “accept this” as normal, with “this” being gun violence:

Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont who’s also running for president, agreed:

Meanwhile, Markos Moulitsas — founder of liberal website Daily Kos — blamed the shooting on the entire Republican Party:

Liberal journalist Geraldo Rivera agreed, adding that the “mass shooting” proved that “the 2d amendment is stupid!”

Liberal columnist Matthew Yglesias, made fun of Republicans because they offered thoughts and prayers for the victims rather than doing something about what he and the other liberals quoted above perceive as the real problem: the right to bear arms.

On Friday, the FBI announced that they are investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the FBI has found evidence that one of the shooters — the man, Syed Rizwan Farook — had contact with members from at least two terrorist organizations, Al Nusra in Syria and Al-Shabaab in Somalia. His wife, Tashfeen Malik, had supposedly pledged allegiance to ISIS, the radical Islamic organization currently occupying large swaths of Syria and Iraq.

Despite those reports, leading Democrats and liberals continue to blame the Republican Party, the NRA and the Second mendment for the attack. Here’s what Hillary Clinton tweeted Friday:

Her rapid response team on Twitter, called The Briefing, made the same point an hour earlier:

Her fellow candidate Martin O’Malley repeated his assertion that the NRA, rather than radical Islam as an ideology, should be held responsible:

Like O’Malley and Hillary, Markos Moulitsas stepped up his criticism of the proponents of the Second Amendment:

The only person whose Twitter-feed looks noticeably different today is Bernie Sanders. The senator did retweet a message from MoveOn praising him for “acting to strengthen our gun laws.” But he suddenly seems more focused on raising the minimum wage, fighting poverty worldwide, and climate change than he is about the shootings in San Bernardino.

Meanwhile, Matthew Yglesias — who mocked conservatives who prayed for the victims — is suddenly concerned that we may experience “a shift into panicky overreaction mode” now we know that the shooters were radical Muslims:

On the day of the shooting, Yglesias was much less mild:

And then there is this tweet from Geraldo Rivera. Like the other liberals who declared on day onethat gun laws, Republicans and the NRA were the problem, the progressive talking head sticks to his guns.

And so liberal politicians and journalists continue to blame gun laws (or a lack thereof) for the terror attacks in San Bernardino. The information that has come out — indicating that the shooters were radical Muslims who had broken several gun laws already on the books — hasn’t done anything to change their views.