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AG Loretta Lynch: Hey, Forget I Said That Stuff About ‘Taking Action’ Against Free Speech

(REUTERS/Yuri Gripas)

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Two words, Loretta: First Amendment.

Josh Gerstein, Politico:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Monday appeared to recalibrate remarks she made last week that suggested the Justice Department could investigate speech deemed hostile towards Muslims.

“Of course, we prosecute deeds and not words,” she said at a press conference Monday to announce an unrelated civil rights investigation into the Chicago Police Department…

Speaking to a Muslim Advocates dinner in Arlington, Va. [last Thursday], Lynch affirmed that “this is a country that is based upon free speech.” However, she went on to suggest that the Justice Department would “take action” when such speech “edges towards violence, when we see the potential to lift…that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

First of all, note that she didn’t “backpedal,” or “flipflop,” or anything like that. No, according to Mr. Gerstein, she “recalibrated.” Democrats sure got it good, don’t they?

When radical Muslims slaughter people on American soil, it’s very important for our leaders to get their story straight and avoid admitting error. Before the bodies in California had even cooled, Lynch was staunchly defending the real victims of the attack: Muslims. This is stupid and insane, but the only alternative is for the Obama administration to admit they’re wrong and they screwed up. That’s the last thing King Barry will ever permit, so they went with stupid and insane.

Oh yeah, and regardless of who they think they’re protecting, it’s unconstitutional to threaten free speech. But whatever. The Constitution, big whoop. Just wait until the filthy rabble quiet down about it again, and go at it from another angle. You’ll wear it down eventually.

ISIS is contained, the biggest threat to the United States is climate change, and anybody who says anything different about either one is an “Islamophobe.” I’m enjoying Utopia more and more every day.