Ben Carson Announces Foreign Policy Trip To Africa [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Ben Carson announced that he is planning a foreign policy trip to Nigeria, Kenya, and Zambia at the end of December.

Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show on Monday, Carson explained that he has a “tendency to like to see things first hand… [because] it tends to make a much bigger impression.” (RELATED: Carson: I Talked To Syrian Refugees And They Want To Go Back To Syria)

Hewitt asked Carson, “Now you’ve just completed one trip to burnish your foreign policy credentials, are their others in the offing Dr. Carson?”

Carson announced, “I will be making a trip to Africa. You know, I have a tendency to like to see things first hand. So you know, I went down to the Arizona border, I went to Ferguson, I went to Baltimore, you know, it tends to make a much bigger impression. So by going to Jordan, and actually talking to the Syrians themselves, and really getting their perspective on things which is very different from what we hear in the media.” (RELATED: Carson Wants To Use Drones On The Border To Take Out Caves, Not People)

“It makes a difference,” suggested Carson. “And I think we need to make decisions based on real information as opposed to filtered information.”

The trip will commence on December 27 and will last about a week Carson explained. “I think a lot of our policy in the future is going to affect Africa.”

Carson said he will visit Kenya because that’s where his ancestors are from.

The trip will also take the presidential candidate to Nigeria, because Carson wants “to get an idea from the people what the affects of Boko Haram are, what people are thinking, see what the economic situation is there. And also, there’s a medical school there named after me, which I want to visit.”

Carson said he will visit Zambia because “the Banda twins are there, we separated them. They were joined at the top of the head, facing in opposite directions, almost 18 years ago and this is the year they graduate from high school. And they are the first complexly joined twins that have ever turned out to be neurologically intact.”


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