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Coca-Cola Apologizes For Ad Showing White People Doing Something Nice

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White people are bad, and everything they do is intrinsically racist. Especially when you throw free-market capitalism into the mix.

Nina Lakhani at the miserable, communist Guardian:

Coca-Cola issued a rare apology and was forced to pull an online advert which was deemed offensive to Mexico’s indigenous people by consumers, media and advocacy groups in the country.

The ad shows fair-skinned, attractive, young people turning up at an indigenous town bearing gifts of sugary fizzy drinks and a Christmas tree for the overawed locals. The company said its ad, set in the Mixe town of Totontepec in the state of Oaxaca, was meant to “convey a message of unity and joy”. Instead, it “reproduced and reinforced stereotypes of indigenous people as culturally and racially subordinate”, according to activists, who want the company sanctioned by the government’s anti-discrimination commission.

Sounds pretty bad!

Coke has taken down the ad, but some folks calling themselves Latino Rebels have put it back up. Because, as they put it, “the Internet is forever.” Here it is:

Wow. Just wow. I literally can’t even.

I’m glad Latino Rebels saved this hateful, white-supremacist propaganda for posterity. What do those white people think they’re doing? Don’t they know they’re white? They shouldn’t even talk to people who aren’t white, let alone do nice things for them.

And what’s all this nonsense about transcending the barriers between different groups of people? What’s with encouraging people to learn more about each other? That’s… why, that’s racist!

White people. #smdh