Limbaugh Warns Of ‘Heart Attacks And Slit Wrists’ In GOP Establishment And Media If Cruz Wins Iowa [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh said that if Ted Cruz wins in Iowa “there are gonna be heart attacks and slit wrists in the Republican establishment and in the media.”

Monday on The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh said, “It would be bad enough if Trump wins, but Cruz in their minds is just as bad, if not worse. Because Cruz is a conservative. Trump, in their minds, is just a pretender fraud maniac. They can deal with that. But Cruz is a conservative, and that they literally fear like Dracula fears the cross.” (RELATED: CRUZ MISSILE — Ted Cruz Shoots To 1st Place In Latest Iowa Poll)

Limbaugh, discussing Iowa poll numbers suggested, “Let’s pretend that this is January 31st and Hawkeye Cauci are tomorrow, and then let’s pretend that Cruz wins the Hawkeye Cauci. Can you imagine — I mean, that’s gonna be real votes. It’s not gonna be a poll. Now, we’re hypothesizing here, yes. Can you imagine the way that is going to totally change the media narrative? Ted Cruz, of all these Republicans, winning Iowa? I’m telling you, there are gonna be heart attacks and slit wrists in the Republican establishment and in the media.”

“If Cruz wins Iowa, the momentum that he’s gonna come out of there with is going to be overwhelming, and he’s gonna be piling up delegates,” Limbaugh argued.

“Iowa is an interesting thing,” Limbaugh explained. “It can kill you or make you. It killed Howard Dean. It destroyed his campaign. When he was presumed to win the thing and didn’t that was the end of Howard Dean, whenever that was. By the same token, if you’re unexpected to win and you do win in Iowa, can totally change the way things go after that. You know, it’s kind of fascinating to imagine that and then look at all of the ramifications and things that could happen.” (RELATED: Howard Dean Calls People Who Own ‘Assault’ Weapons ‘Lunatics’)

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