Sanders’ Latino Outreach Director Burns Clinton For Immigration Flip-Flop [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Latino outreach director Cesar Vargas slammed Hillary Clinton for flip-flopping, insisting that unlike Clinton, Sanders “hasn’t changed his position due to unfavorable climate.”

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Jose Diaz-Balart on Monday Vargas explained “there’s one consistency that really matters with Latinos. They want a candidate who’s consistent on their principles, they’re consistent on their policies, and you know, a commitment to actually helping the community with respect but with real policies.”

“And you know, there’s no candidate that fits the description than Bernie Sanders.” According to Vargas, Sanders has been committed on creating “an economy that works for everyone regardless of immigration story, regardless of color, and not just for billionaires. So at this point Bernie Sanders is the candidate who has been consistent, especially on immigration, especially on the economy. And unlike Hillary Clinton, he hasn’t changed his position due to unfavorable climate.”

Defending Clinton, host Diaz-Balart said, “What do you mean by that, ‘unlike Hillary Clinton’? I mean Hillary Clinton has been for immigration reform. It’s pretty clear on that. I mean, what do you mean?”

When it comes to “immigration reform, Sen. Bernie Sanders has been committed on providing a path to citizenship, providing — he just released his immigration platform that was, is one of the boldest immigration platform out there,” Vargas explained.

“You know, Bernie Sanders has really committed to respecting. Hillary Clinton just said ‘illegal immigrant’ just a few days ago, even though she just apologized. So the reality is that Bernie Sanders right now is the candidate who has been consistent and hasn’t changed his position just because when it comes to something unfavorable, a political climate, you know, and she, you know, when it came to drivers licenses for DREAMers in New York State, she opposed to it, then she changed in favorable [sic] of that position.”

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