Watch This NHL Goalie Make One Of The Best Saves Of The Year [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Montreal Canadiens goalie Mike Condon had one of the best saves you’ll see in the NHL this year against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Hurricanes center Eric Staal had a shot on Saturday at the wide-open net after chaos broke out in front of the net, and Condon was down.

Condon then robbed Staal of what should have been an absolutely guaranteed goal by swatting the puck away from behind his back with his glove. (RELATED: New York Rangers Sign First Female In Team History)


A save like that is always 50/50 pure luck and skill. Condon got very lucky that he was able to hit that puck away, but it requires some great goalie awareness to recognize where the puck is and try to make the save. (RELATED: Watch This Hockey Player Get His Throat Slashed Open [VIDEO])

Either way, absolutely incredible play.

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