Bloomberg’s Bill Cohen: Hillary Is ‘Very Loyal To Wall Street’ And ‘Wall Street Is Very Loyal To Her’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Bloomberg contributor Bill Cohen tore down Hillary Clinton’s guise of being tough on Wall Street, insisting “she is very loyal to Wall Street, Wall Street is very loyal to her.”

Appearing on “Bloomberg Markets” with Betty Liu on Tuesday, Cohen said Clinton’s plan to “rein in Wall Street” is “just tweaking around the edges.” (RELATED: Clinton Hasn’t Learned: Still Invokes 9/11 To Defend Wall Street Ties)

Cohen explained, “Everything she suggested is just on the margins. She’s not talking about fundamental reforms, which is not surprising for Hillary Clinton. She is very loyal to Wall Street. Wall Street is very loyal to her. This is just tweaking around the edges.”

“First of all, it’s one thing to propose changes that are on the margins. Getting them implemented is a totally different thing. That requires an act of Congress and a president to sign a law or a bill,” Cohen suggested.


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