Shaun King Was Fired From Job At Morehouse College Because He Brandished A Gun

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King recently went on an anti-gun Twitter tirade in which he asserted that white men enjoy holding firearms because they have “small penises” and “low sex drive.”

But as King himself wrote in his self-help book, “100 Life Goals,” he was once forced to resign from his job at his alma mater, Morehouse College, the historically-black institution attended by Martin Luther King Jr., for brandishing a gun while trying to drive his car through a crowded campus block party.

King, who wrote an article on Tuesday calling Donald Trump a Nazi, describes the scene in his book. It was 2006 and King and his wife and two children lived in a dorm on campus while he worked as a resident director.

King writes (emphasis added):

One day I was leaving the campus in our car on my way to a Bible study. Little did I know that a block party was being hosted in the middle of the campus, and I had to drive through it to leave. As I slowly drove the car into the crowd, one guy banged his hand on the hood and started jawing at me. I showed my work ID, thinking he was a student, but he didn’t care. It seemed like a lot of the crowd was made up of people who shouldn’t have been on campus. At that moment, another guy reached his hand into the car window as if to grab me, but I couldn’t push the car forward because of the crowd. At that point, I made a decision that got me out of the raucous crowd but cost me my job in the process. Looking at the young man next to my window, I put my handgun (legally owned) on the dash of my car. Quickly, he took his hand out of the window, the guy banging on the hood moved away, the crowd cleared out, and I drove on through.

King goes on to write that after he made his way through the crowd he called campus police to report the incident. He wrote that “looking back on it now,” he should have called police to help disperse the crowd rather than “acting like Clint Eastwood over the whole incident.”

King, who now covers police brutality and racial justice issues for the Daily News, was fired for his handling of the affair.

“While I didn’t break any laws, it was far from my best moment as a leader at Morehouse,” he writes. “I was asked to resign a few weeks later. I lost my income, and we lost our home. It was a mess all around.”

But despite his own past reliance on guns, King went on Twitter after last week’s terrorist attacks in San Bernardino to make racial comments about what drives some white men to enjoy owning and shooting them.

In one tweet, King claimed that the “white male obsession” with guns is “compensation for small penises & low sex drive.” In another, the former pastor claimed that white men shoot “big black guns” because it gives them a “racial-psychosexual high.”

King scrubbed his Twitter account on Monday after Internet sleuths dug through his Twitter feed and found old posts in which he bragged about owning guns. In one now-deleted tweet, King claimed that he owned a 9mm loaded with “hollow-point bullets.” He also said that he felt safe have a 9mm “hand cannon by [his] bed.” (RELATED: Shaun King Scrubs Twitter After Pro-Gun Tweets Surface)

King’s attack on gun ownership is in line with the aggressive stance his employer has taken on the issue of late. The Daily News has run several front page spreads since last week’s jihadist attack hammering against guns. On one cover, the Daily News called National Rifle Association chief executive Wayne LaPierre a terrorist. Linda Stasi, another Daily News columnist, wrote a piece this weekend calling one of the terror victims a “hate-filled bigot” because he supported the NRA and openly criticized Islam.

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