Cleveland Browns Coach Says Johnny Manziel Has ‘Deep-Rooted’ Issues

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine did not have kind words for Johnny Manziel Wednesday when he addressed the media.

Pettine mostly blamed the Browns for their failure to have successfully vetted Manziel before drafting him in the 2014 NFL draft.

While Pettine acknowledged that lots of future NFL players have personal problems, he certainly indicated Mainziel’s problems are much worse than the average incoming player.

“You see the reputation, what was out there. I don’t think we anticipated that his problems, his issues, how deep-rooted they were, the extent of it,” Pettine told the media, according to ESPN.

Manziel was just recently renamed the starting quarterback after he was initially benched for partying too hard during the bye week. (RELATED: Browns QB Johnny Manziel Spent His Weekend Getting’ Drunk As A Skunk [VIDEO])

From the sounds of Browns management if Manziel regresses back to his partying ways the consequences will be grave.

Pettine explained by saying, “I don’t want to sit here and say, ‘Look at the degree of discipline.’ It’s hard to say we have a zero-tolerance policy. If something were to occur, I imagine the repercussions would be harsh.”

Trouble has plagued Manziel since he entered the NFL. He has been in rehab for alcohol related issues, and early in the season was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. (RELATED: Police Intervene During Alcohol-Fueled Dispute Johnny Manziel Had With His Girlfriend)

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