FBI Director Admits — ‘Encryption Is Getting In The Way’ Of Monitoring Terrorists [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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While testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey said that “encryption is getting in the way of our ability to have court orders” effectively gather information on suspected terrorists.

For example, Comey cited the terrorist attacks in Garland, TX back in May. (RELATED: Garland Terrorist Bought Gun Under ‘Fast And Furious’)

Comey publicly acknowledged for the first time that the FBI still has not cracked any of the 109 encrypted messages sent between one of the Garland shooters and an “overseas terrorist.”

COMEY: I’m limited in what I can say about Paris or San Bernardino, but let me give you a recent example. In May, when two terrorists attempted to kill a whole lot of people in Garland, TX [inaudible] through the action of great, local law enforcement — that morning, when one of those terrorists left to commit mass murder, he exchanged 109 messages with an overseas terrorist. We have no idea what was said because those messages were encrypted, and to this day I can’t tell you what he said with that terrorist. 109 times the morning of that attack. That is a big problem. We have to grapple with it.

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