This Shocking Video Shows NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Laughing About Concussions And Brain Damage [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Apparently Roger Goodell finds jokes about concussions and brain damage absolutely hilarious judging from a video that shows him laughing at a joke about concussions.

Former NFL quarterback Roger Staubach made a joke about not remember Goodell’s name due to six concussions he suffered during his playing days.

When the camera panned over to Goodell it showed him laughing at the joke.


It’s obviously not clear if Goodell actually gave Staubach the thumbs up to tell the joke, but it’s probably not a wise move for Goodell to be seen laughing about concussions when the issue has given the league and former players massive problems.

The subject of concussions in the NFL will also be shown in the upcoming Will Smith movie “Concussion.” (RELATED: ‘Concussion’: Will Smith Film Shines A Light On The NFL’s Most Taboo Issue [VIDEO])

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