Trump’s Week On Twitter: Feuds, Fights, Polls And Book Sales

Derek Hunter Contributor
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The past week was a pretty normal week on social media for Donald Trump, meaning that the Republican presidential front-runner inundated his nearly 5.2 million followers with poll numbers, praise for journalists who say nice things about him, and attacks on those who don’t. He also threw in plenty of pitches for his book, “Crippled America: How To Make America Great Again.”

Here’s a look at the last 7 days on Twitter with Donald J. Trump.

After CNN contributor SE Cupp said she’d rather see Hillary Clinton win the White House than have Trump win the nomination, Trump attacked Cupp multiple times.

When the Mayor of Philadelphia said  Trump is “an asshole,” Trump — swears regularly in speeches to large crowds — said he was outraged by the language.

After Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos said he’d like to launch Trump into space, Trump slammed his fellow billionaire and claim he only purchased the Post as a tax dodge.

When not attacking the Post, however, Trump cited it to defend himself.

After NBC and CBS reporters falsely claimed Trump had been forced off stage by Black Lives Matter protesters, Trump came out swinging.

Even those who have crossed Trump in the past did not escape ridicule. He went after Macy’s, which dropped Trump’s clothing line in response to protests after he launched his campaign.

In addition to swipes at opponents and journalists, Trump tweeted often about polls.

When not touting polls or fighting with media, Trump found time to take swipes at political opponents.

In addition to retweeting supporters, Trump took time in his week to mention he has been signing copies of his new book, which are on sale now.