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Why Is It Okay For Rick Ross To Rap About Assassinating Donald Trump?

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Hey, remember that rodeo clown who got into big trouble for putting on an Obama mask and joking about Obama getting stomped by a bull? That was a really big deal for a couple of days, a few years back. I don’t know why the following item makes me think of that. Maybe it’s the blatant hypocrisy.

Here’s Mark Dice on the latest bit of racial healing in 2015 America:

And here’s the song itself, which is really terrific:

“God is great, first and foremost. Also: Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman!”*

Look, it’s okay not to like Donald Trump. I don’t like Donald Trump. And I don’t think Rick Ross is actually going to go through with it, because it would burn too many calories.** But can you imagine the uproar if Ted Nugent or Toby Keith or somebody wrote a song lyric explicitly calling for the assassination of Barack Obama? Can you imagine the Stage 6 meltdown in the press?

And yet this Rick Ross song has been out for a week, and our Trump-obsessed media is like:

According to Mark Dice:

I just spoke with the Department of Justice on the phone and the Attorney General’s statement on the Trump assassination threat is “no comment.”

You mean the rules are different for their political opponents? Or maybe it doesn’t matter because Trump is a white dude? Or both?

Hey, isn’t Trump under Secret Service protection now? Aren’t they supposed to investigate this sort of thing? Guess they’re too busy completely falling apart.

*Not to fact-check a rapper or anything, but George Zimmerman didn’t assassinate anybody. He acted in self-defense. Again: You don’t have to like the guy, and I don’t, but facts are facts.

**What if somebody does try to kill Trump, though? Will Rick Ross be held accountable? That’s a rhetorical question.