Krauthammer: Obama’s Still ‘Trying To Convince Us That We Are’ Beating ISIS [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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Columnist Charles Krauthammer says that President Barack Obama’s speech Monday is proof the president is still trying to convince the American public that ISIS is losing.

“[Obama’s] problem is that he’s trying to convince us that we are actually prevailing, winning, pushing in on ISIS,” Krauthammer said Monday on Fox News’s “Special Report.”

Earlier Monday the president stated that the Islamic State “has not had a single successful major offensive operation on the ground in either Syria or Iraq.” (RELATED: Obama: ‘ISIL Has Not Had A Single Successful Major Offensive Operation’ Since Summer [VIDEO])

Krauthammer went on to say that “[ISIS] has obviously expanded. We’ve got Beirut, We’ve got Paris, we have San Bernardino, we have the attack in Sinai.”

Krauthammer also argued that Obama reporting statistics of terrorists the United States has killed is “reminiscent of the strategy of the Vietnam War.”

“The other thing is when you have to resort to statistics — he has to list the people that we’ve killed, as if anybody has any idea who they are — is reminiscent of the strategy of the Vietnam War where we would announce the body counts, the ratio of the dead Vietcong to Americans,” he said. “And it was always lopsided. And we lost the damn war, because that’s not how you gauge who’s winning and losing in such a war.”


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