Ted Cruz Uses ‘Star Wars’ To Boost Campaign

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Ted Cruz is using the premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to boost his campaign.

Users of the Ted Cruz 2016 app will be able fighting against each other to gain points in an attempt to earn free tickets to the premiere of the highly anticipated new film, according to ABC.

Chris Wilson, the director of analytics and research for the Cruz campaign, explained how people earn points telling ABC, “The way people earn points is by retweeting the senator to liking posts on Facebook or sharing them with their friends on the lower point level side. On the upper end, higher points are given to motivate someone to contact their friends or to even go door to door.” (RELATED: Trump Attacking Cruz Has Drawn A Big-Name Critic: Rush Limbaugh)

A main reason Cruz might have chosen to pursue this promotion is because he’s a massive fan of the films.

Cruz told ABC, “I grew up on ‘Star Wars.’ I collected all the ‘Star Wars’ action figures, I had them all in a Darth Vader carrying case and with my friends we would play and fight them back and forth. I had a giant millennium falcon.” (RELATED: Watch Donald Trump Voice Darth Vader In This Amazing ‘Star Wars’ Video [VIDEO])

Cruz has even used the message of “Star Wars” on the campaign trail saying, “A message that I give to folks on the campaign trail sometimes they’ll say we tried. And my response is straight out of Yoda — ‘There is no try. Do or do not. And likewise if someone does something very impressive, I’ll turn to them just like Vader and say, ‘The force is strong with this one.'” (RELATED: Pod Racist! MSNBC Host Freaks Out Over ‘Black Guy’ Star Wars Villain (Darth Vader) [VIDEO])

Cruz’s campaign said that he hopes to catch the film at some point during the holidays.

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