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Carly Fiorina Knows That #ObamaEatsDogs

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During the 2012 United States presidential campaign, for some reason Barack Obama’s acolytes in the press decided to make a big issue out of Mitt Romney’s treatment of his long-dead dog Seamus. For example, Diane Sawyer actually brought up Seamus while interviewing the Romneys.* In response, a DC Trawler reader pointed out that in one of Obama’s various autobiographies, the dude actually bragged about eating dogs.

So I wrote it up.

And the rest is history.

It wasn’t enough to win the election for Romney, of course, but at least it embarrassed and annoyed Obama’s mindless lackeys for a few days. Hey, they were the ones who brought up the topic of dogs. It wasn’t my fault that they bought Obama’s books but never actually opened them.

Nor will Obama’s taste for canine flesh help win the election, or even the nomination, for Carly Fiorina. But it’s still pretty fun to laugh at him for eating dogs like the dog-eater he is.

“You know, President Obama ate one of your cousins. Vote Republican!”

Well, now Fiorina has done it. She’s alienated all the Republicans who are cat-lovers. There must be at least 7 or 8 of those.

(Hat tip: Jesse Byrnes)

*Although in Sawyer’s defense, she was probably in the middle of a blackout.