‘Chaos’ — Jeb And Trump Trade Insults At GOP Debate [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump slammed Jeb Bush’s attack that he was a “chaos candidate” suggesting, “Jeb doesn’t really believe I’m unhinged… because he has failed in this campaign.”

Tuesday, during the CNN GOP debate, Trump argued that Bush’s campaign has “been a total disaster, nobody cares, and, frankly, I’m the most solid person up here.”

Bush took shots at Trump’s call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration suggesting, “The Kurds are our strongest allies. They’re Muslim. Look, this is not a serious proposal. In fact, it will push the Muslim world, the Arab world away from us at a time when we need to reengage with them to be able to create a strategy to destroy ISIS.” (RELATED: Trump Calls For Moratorium On Muslims Entering United States)

Bush suggested that Trump “is great at the one liners, but he’s a chaos candidate. And he’d be a chaos president. He would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe.”

Trump responded, “Jeb doesn’t really believe I’m unhinged. He said that very simply because he has failed in this campaign. It’s been a total disaster, nobody cares, and, frankly, I’m the most solid person up here.”

“I built a tremendous company and all I want to do is make America great, again,” Trump explained. “I don’t want our country to be taken away from us and that’s what’s happening. The policies that we’ve suffered under other presidents have been a disaster for our country. We want to make America great again. And, Jeb, in all fairness, he doesn’t believe that.”

Bush got the last word of the argument in suggesting, “Look… this is the problem: banning all Muslims will make it harder for us to do exactly what we need to do. Which is to destroy ISIS.”

“We need a strategy. We need to get the lawyers of the back of the war fighters,” Bush argued. “Right now under President Obama we’ve created this standard that is so high that it’s impossible to be successful in fighting ISIS. We need to engage with the Arab world to make this happen.”

Bush continued that Trump’s moratorium is “not a serious proposal” and, “We need a serious leader to deal with this. I believe I’m that guy.”

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