Leonardo DiCaprio Just Called This Democratic Candidate ‘Inspiring’

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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It doesn’t sound like Leonardo DiCaprio will be supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid come November.

The 41-year-old actor voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but in a new interview, he said there’s another Democrat that has caught his eye.

“Look, not to get political, but listening to Bernie Sanders at that first presidential debate was pretty inspiring — to hear what he said about the environment,” DiCaprio said during an interview with The Wired.

“Who knows which candidate is going to become our next president, but we need to create a dialogue about it.” (RELATED: Another Celebrity Is Singing Donald Trump’s Praises)

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revanant

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“I mean, when they asked each of the candidates what the most important issue facing our planet is, Bernie Sanders simply said climate change,” he added. “To me that’s inspiring.”

The actor said he thinks climate change is the biggest challenge the country is facing today. (WHO’S BACKING WHO: These Celebrities Are Giving Money To These Candidates)

“Look, everyone loves money. I love money — we live in the United States,” DiCaprio said. “This is a capitalist country, but ultimately we’ve locked ourselves, through capitalism, into an addiction to oil that’s incredibly hard to reverse.”

“That whole greenwashing movement, buying a hybrid (which of course can’t hurt), recycling, this and that…it’s not going to cut it. This needs to be a massive movement on a global scale.”

“And it needs to happen now.” (SLIDESHOW: 12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Conservative)