Liberals Aren’t Going To Like How The Majority Of Americans Feel About Semi-Automatic Guns

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The majority of Americans do not support banning the sale of semi-automatic guns, sometimes also referred to as assault weapons.

According to an ABC/Washington Post poll released Wednesday 53 percent of Americans do not support banning the sale of assault weapons. This is the first time in 20 years that the majority of Americans have been against a potential ban.

Support for an assault weapons ban peaked at 80 percent in 1994, but has since been on a steady decline.

(Credit: Screenshot/ABC Poll)

(Credit: Screenshot/ABC Poll)

Since 2013, the two groups that have seen the largest rise in opposition to an assault weapons ban are strong conservatives, up 18 points, and higher-income earners, up 17 percent. (RELATED: Two Polls That Smash Through The Case For More Gun Control)

The poll also showed that more Americans feel gun control is less likely to stop terrorism, and more people being armed is a better response to stop potential terrorist attacks. It also showed the general public does not have confidence in the government to prevent terrorism in the homeland. (RELATED: FBI Data Shows You’re More Likely To Get Beaten To Death Than Killed With A Rifle)

(Credit: Screenshot/ABC Poll)

(Credit: Screenshot/ABC Poll)

President Obama and leading Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have both called for stricter gun control, including expanded background checks, massive restrictions on the sale of semi-automatic guns, and limits on magazine capacity. (RELATED: Clinton Announces Massive Gun Control Plan)

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