ESPN Host Says People Only Support Sports Celebrations For White Players [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN host Mike Wilbon argued Wednesday on his show “Pardon The Interruption” that the famous sideline celebrations from the Monmouth basketball team are popular because the players are white.

The bench players have gotten the reputation this season of pulling off hilarious bench celebrations after big plays. The players have even gone as far as releasing a PSA about how to properly celebrate on the sideline. (RELATED: These Benchwarmer Ballers Know How To Throw A Sideline Party [VIDEO])

When the subject came up on PTI, Wilson was not impressed and said in part, “If this was four brothers primarily on the bench with this stuff it’d be antics.”

When co-host Tony Kornheiser pushed back that it wasn’t racist to support the Monmouth bench celebrations, Wilbon fired back with, “A lot of people would go straight Donald Trump on this,” in regards again to if the players were black.


It should be noted that there are black basketball players on the Monmouth bench. It appears unclear whether or not Wilbon is aware of that fact.

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