Former FBI Agent: Retry Officer To ‘Destroy’ Freddie Gray Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s ‘Credibility’ [VIDEO]

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CNN law enforcement analyst Johnathan Gilliam hopes that Maryland State’s Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby, who is prosecuting the Freddie Gray case, retries Officer William Porter in order for her credibility to be “destroyed.”

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s “Steve Malzberg Show” on Thursday, Gilliam also said the state of Maryland should drop the charges against Porter because if they go to jail, “there’s not going to be any policy change.” (RELATED: Mistrial In Freddie Gray Case: Jury Could Not Reach Decision)

Malzberg explained to convict Porter because he didn’t buckle Gray with a seatbelt is “a stretch under almost any circumstances for a jury to send this guy to prison for all those years because he didn’t buckle his seatbelt.”

“And what good does that do,” pondered Gilliam. “Here’s what I foresee happening if they do retry… this officer and and [sic] he goes to jail there’s not going to be any policy change.”

The prosecution needs to “step back and take a serious look at the policy. They’ve had people from their own community now go to court and say we we can’t come to a conclusion. I think they should just be dropped.”

Gilliam, a former FBI agent and Navy SEAL, explained that the state is “trying so hard to put this on somebody that they’re missing the reality of what effective solutions actually are. I mean, those people don’t have a solution and there’s not a lot of people showing up and the people that were on the jury did not come to a conclusion.”

Malzberg then posed the question, “What do you what do you think would happen if Marylyn Mosbey, who would never do it, goes before a microphone tomorrow and says, ‘We’re dismissing all the charges against all the officers involved.'”

“I really hope for her sake she doesn’t do that and they retry this and the same thing happens because her credibility will be destroyed,” Gilliam argued. (RELATED: BAD BLOOD: Marilyn Mosby’s Mom Resigned Boston Police Force After Failing Drug Test)

Gilliam later said that in his opinion, all the charges against all six officers charged in the Freddie Gray case should be dropped.


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