Former NBA Star Thinks Making It Rain At The Strip Club Is A Form Of Charity

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former NBA star and current ESPN commentator Jalen Rose thinks that an NBA player throwing money around in a strip club is a great form of charity.

Rose comments compare Washington Wizards point guard John Wall spending $47,000 in a Dallas strip club to Oklahoma City star Russell Westbrook donating $1 million to his alma mater UCLA. (RELATED: NBA All-Star Makes It Rain, Spends A Year’s Salary In Strip Club Blowout [VIDEO])

The former NBA all-star said the following on the Jalen & Jacoby podcast:

Russell Westbrook and John Wall both did a great charitable thing. Russell Westbrook, giving $1 million to UCLA, it’s noble, it’s recognizable, it’s something that’s going to create a legacy for his name for years to come. It’s philanthropic work. Now, the charity that John Wall did, that’s the charity that makes it to the hood, and it also is a donation to those who are working really hard to entertain adults that evening. And when a customer does come in and spends that type of cake, everyone leaves with full bags. And you know what? I support full bags!

My approach would be different, but the premise still stands: He’s doing charity work. John Wall, a little bit different from Russell Westbrook, but he’s still contributing and giving back to the community.

Westbrook’s donation to UCLA is the largest donation by a former player in the history of Bruins basketball. It’s unclear if Wall’s $47,000 is the most ever spent in a Dallas strip club or if the money would also eventually going to fund education.

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