Hot Reporter Sues Fox Sports For Discrimination [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Fox Sports 1 reporter Colleen Dominguez filed a Wednesday lawsuit accusing her employer of age discrimination.

According to Deadspin, when the 54-year-old Dominguez was hired, Fox Sports 1 told her she would be a “key personality,” yet Dominguez claims that her assignments quickly vanished because the network was concerned with her on-air looks:

Dominguez learned from other employees that management was concerned with how she “looked” on camera. One longtime FOX producer sent Dominguez a text message stating “you haven’t done anything wrong at all. Just because 5 men at a company want to be gratified by 24 year old women doesn’t make you bad at your job.” Dominguez was also told by a supervisor that “we [FOX] don’t handle veteran female reporters very well.”

Dominguez has also been told that FOX management instructed a FOX producer to cut video of Dominguez’s face and body for a management meeting and that this request has never been made for any other employee.

Dominguez is suing for an undisclosed amount.


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