Kindergarten Girl Leads Classroom Closet SEX RING, Says Wisconsin Public School Report

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Six kindergartners at a public school in Racine, Wis. have been suspended for a month for allegedly simulating sex with each other inside a classroom coat closet during school hours.

Details are scant, reports Milwaukee Fox affiliate WITI-TV, but a kindergarten girl at the unnamed elementary school appears to have been the ringleader of the group.

A local grandmother told the station that a district-issued report accuses the girl of pressuring her 5-year-old grandson into the closet sex acts, which included touching in inappropriate bodily places.

The unidentified grandmother said a report issued by the Racine Unified School District showed a longstanding pattern of in-the-closet sex incidents by the children.

“I couldn’t believe some of the things in that report,” the grandmother told WITI-TV. “It was shocking.”

“According to the report, this has been going on since 4-K. He’s now in kindergarten,” she also said.

The classroom teacher was unaware of the sexual activity among the kindergarten students — at least for quite a while.

It’s not clear how adults found out about it.

A student told school officials that the sexual activity occurred on a daily basis.

The kindergartners who were not involved would stand around and watch, according to the school district report, the Fox affiliate reports.

The students would “pretend that they are putting their Legos away, and sneak to engage in the activity,” the report also explains.

A school district spokeswoman confirmed that the administration has been aware of the kindergarten class activities. The spokeswoman said the district’s ongoing investigation includes the unnamed teacher.

Racine is a city of about 78,000 just north of the Illinois border in the southeast corner of Wisconsin. It is home to 21 elementary schools and two early learning centers.

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