Axelrod: Obama Was ‘Tone-Deaf’ In His Response To Terrorist Attacks [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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David Axelrod said Friday that his former boss, Barack Obama, was “tone-deaf” in his remarks in the aftermath of last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

“I thought that he reacted…after the Paris events, when he was over in Europe,a little bit, he was a little tone-deaf there,” Axelrod told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “He responded to the fear-mongering without really addressing the fear.”

“I think since that time he’s been trying to catch up on that.”

In a speech at the G20 summit held in Turkey just days after the Nov. 13 attack, which was carried out by ISIS terrorists and left 130 dead, Obama lamented that it would be “counterproductive” to “equate the terrible actions that took place in Paris with the views of Islam.”

The Democrat has been accused throughout his presidency of attempting to downplay the religious motivations of jihadis. The White House infamously refused to call the Nov. 2009 attack at Fort Hood carried out by Army Major Nidal Hasan an act of terror, instead labeling it workplace violence. Obama has also made a habit of refusing to say “radical Islam.” (RELATED: Obama: Don’t Equate Paris Attacks To Islam)

Axelrod’s comments come following a report from The New York Times that Obama admitted during an off-the-record meeting with reporters on Tuesday that he failed to recognize just how fearful Americans were after the Paris and San Bernardino attacks.

One reason he failed to appreciate that fear is that he does not watch cable news, Obama reportedly said.


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