Sanders: The DNC Is Not Treating Me Fairly [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the Democratic National Convention did not treat him fairly in locking his campaign out of their own voter information files.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd on Sunday, Sanders explained, “On two occasions, now Chuck in the last several months, breachers [sic] have occurred as a result of the incompetence of DNC vendors, two separate vendors.” (RELATED: Sanders Staffer Fired After Improperly Accessing Clinton Voter Data [VIDEO])

“I think in this instance [the DNC] did not treat my campaign fairly,” Sanders explained, adding that the “first time, our staff said, ‘Hey we’ve got information from the Clinton campaign.’ They did the right thing. They went back to the DNC and the vendors.” (RELATED: Sanders Campaign Manager: DNC ‘Actively Attempting To Undermine Our Campaign’ [VIDEO])

“The second time a data breach occurred,” Sanders said, “some of our staff screwed up and I apologize for that. But, to shut off our access to our own information, to significantly hinder our campaign was a complete overreaction and that was absolutely wrong.” (RELATED: Debbie Does Damage: ‘The Sanders Campaign Doesn’t Have Anything Other Than Bluster’ To Stand On [VIDEO])

Todd shot back, “But you acknowledge that you had staffers who essentially if they did’t rob the Hillary Clinton voter file, they certainly took pictures.”

“Let me just say this, let’s be clear. As a result of a breach caused by the DNC vendor, not by us,” Sanders argued, “Information came into our campaign about the Clinton campaign. We didn’t go out and take it.” (RELATED: DNC Chair: We’re Treating The Sanders Campaign The Same Way We’d Treat Hillary… If She Did Something Wrong [VIDEO])

Todd then asked Sanders if the data came into his campaign’s possession “magically” and Sanders siad “yes.”

“You believe it accidentally came in,” Todd asked.

“That’s not dispute, there was a breach caused by the incompetence of the DNC vendor,” Sanders reiterated. “That information came into our campaign. First time it came in, our staff did the right thing. and said, ‘Hey we’ve got information from the Clinton campaign. We don’t want this.’ And they went to the DNC. The second time, a staffer or more–we don’t know yet, we’re doing that investigation– screwed up. And we have fired that person.”

“Point is, that the DNC then proposed because of the initial screw up on their part, to take away our access to our own information which significantly hampers our campaign,” Sanders argued. “Fortunately that has been resolved.”

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