We Ran Hillary Clinton’s Symptoms Through WebMD And The Diagnosis Isn’t Pretty

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton’s health has become the focus of many people’s concerns, so, with the help of WebMD, The Daily Caller offers up the following diagnosis. (RELATED: Limbaugh On Clinton’s LONG Bathroom Break: ‘Where Are Her Medical Records?’ [VIDEO])

According to a WebMD diagnosis, the 68-year-old Clinton should really check to see if she has a urinary tract infection.

The symptoms, as observed by TheDC and entered into WebMD include fatigue, mood swings, swelling, weight gain, impaired judgment, confusion, slurring words, frequent urination, and bald spots.

These symptoms characterize such possible conditions as — in order of likelihood — urinary tract infection (UTI), medication reaction or side-effect, overeating, depression, Type 2 Diabetes, hypothyroidism, acute sinusitis or acute stress reaction.

Arriving at these symptoms was made possible by scouring the selected medical records released by her doctor Lisa Bardack, and news reports relating to her mental and physical comings and goings.

Clinton’s latest physical from March 21, 2015 indicates the haggard presidential candidate deals with hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies, and she is on a long-term anticoagulant. In 1998 and 2009, Clinton faced deep vein thrombosis.

TheDC added to her list of medical issues the impaired judgment obvious in her use of a private email server to conduct work business while she was secretary of state.

The symptom of confusion has also been documented by a person in Clinton’s inner circle. In emails from Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, Abedin wrote Clinton was “often confused.” (RELATED: Abedin Email: Hillary Clinton ‘Often Confused’)

Then, in the aftermath of Clinton’s daylong testimony before the House Benghazi Committee, Matt Drudge tweeted his concern about Clinton’s health: “Coughing fit. Slow-speaking, obviously induced by meds. Choose not to believe if you must.”

Drudge continued, “Last time she showed up with prism glasses from blod [sic], vertigo. Today obvious anti-anxiety meds, hypothyroid issues.”

Clearly, such evidence would essentially require any concerned journalist to investigate further. Further reasons for concern were uncovered.

Evidence of slurring words was easily accessed: Clinton usually adopts a southern accent when speaking to voters in the South. (RELATED: Hillary’s Fake Southern Accent Is Back, Y’all)

Back in May, TheDC diagnosed Clinton with Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Regarding the observations that Clinton has bald spots, the Internet went wild in November with concerns that Clinton may be wearing a wig to cover up a bald head.

Then, concerned about Clinton’s weight gain and swelling, TheDC has never asked Clinton to step on a scale and would never dare ask a woman her weight. Yet, a multitude of photos and videos spanning the years clearly show that Clinton has gained a few pounds. Even more recently, some pictures — taken within days of each other — make Clinton look rather huskier than before.

Clinton’s mood swings are the stuff of legend now. During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, reports came out Clinton threw a lamp and a book at Bill.

Frequent urination is well documented, the most recent incident was well-publicized and stemmed form the Democratic debate last Saturday. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Takes Extra-LONG Bathroom Break, Debate Doesn’t Wait [VIDEO])

Finally, Donald Trump has referenced Clinton’s fatigue many times during the campaign at the same time providing ample evidence that he himself has fatigue issues. Sunday, Trump suggested that Clinton campaigns for a short while, “And then she goes away for five or six days and you don’t see her. She goes to sleep.”

While not a doctor, TheDC nevertheless highly recommends that Clinton see a doctor in the bathroom of her choice and then release her full medical history.

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