Clinton Accused Of Pandering To Hispanic Voters With ‘Abuela’ Claim

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton’s attempt at pandering to Hispanic voters backfired on Tuesday.

An article posted to the wealthy, 68-year-old white woman’s campaign website entitled “7 ways Hillary Clinton is like your abuela” led to the creation of the Twitter hashtags #NotMiAbuela and #NotMyAbuela.

“Abuela” is Spanish for grandmother. Clinton announced on Monday that she will become a grandmother for the second time. Chelsea Clinton and her millionaire hedge fund husband, Marc Mezvinsky, have one daughter.

In the post, Clinton’s campaign asserted that the Democrat is just like an average Hispanic grandmother because “she worries about children everywhere” and “she knows what’s best.” Her harsh criticism of Donald Trump was cited as a plus, as was her support from Puerto Rican musician Marc Anthony.

But many Hispanic Twitter users saw through the political ploy.

For starters, they noted that Clinton doesn’t speak Spanish. Others pointed out that Clinton has not worked in the same kinds of jobs that many Hispanic grandmothers have had to work.

For other Clinton critics, the obvious political calculation behind the post was too much to handle.

Others accused the candidate of “Hispandering.”

During her current White House bid, Clinton has flip-flopped on a number of immigration-related issues. While she once opposed granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, she now supports doing so. She’s also said that she will go beyond President Obama’s executive amnesties by allowing even more illegal aliens to stay in the U.S.

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