CNN Anchor Ends Segment Early After Guest Says Bill Clinton Turned Monica Lewinsky ‘Into A Humidor’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Political commentator Kurt Schlichter argued that with Hillary Clinton’s enabling, Bill Clinton was able to turn “the Oval Office into a frat house and his intern into a humidor.”

Tuesday on “CNN Newsroom” hosted by CNN anchor Don Lemon, guests Terra Grant and Schlicher were discussing Donald Trump’s comment that Barack Obama “schlonged” Hillary Clinton in 2008. When Schlichter kept bringing up Bill past sexual history, Lemon ended the interview early. (RELATED: Trump Says Obama ‘Schlonged’ Hillary In 2008 [VIDEO])

Lemon asked Schlichter if it was “appropriate” for Trump to suggest Obama “schlonged” Hillary and Schlichter explained, “Don, it’s going to take a lot more for me to get upset at a woman who enabled a guy who turned the Oval Office into a frat house and his intern into a humidor.”

“You know, I just don’t care. I so don’t care,” Schlichter insisted. “I would need Steven Hawking to find the theoretical limit of how little care about Donald Trump’s silly jokes. This hypocritical, pearl clutching nonsense that Donald Trump is mean and out there. And I can’t stand Donald Trump. I’m the guy who comes on, and this is why I hate the media, Don, because you make me defend Donald Trump. This is ridiculous.”

Lemon shot back, “And yet you’re here with us. You hate us enough that you’re here every time we ask you.”

“I just do not care,” Schlichter claimed. “I don’t hate Donald Trump. He’s a very nice guy who I don’t think should be president.”

“Okay, have you ever heard a presidential candidate say things like this,” Lemon asked Schlichter.

“No, but I know of a president who, well, turned his intern into a humidor, so we set the standard a little lower than Donald trump has even approached,” Schlichter suggested.

Lemon jumped in and suggested, “You’re talking about apples and oranges.”

Through lots of cross talk and competing for air time, both Lemon and Schlicter’s voices began to rise. “So my question to you, without mentioning the Clintons and Bill Clinton… which has already been litigated and relitigated on its, on the own merits. Donald Trump’s statements on the campaign trail, you don’t think it’s fair that the media should be covering it?”

“Well, I don’t think it’s unfair,” Schlichter explained. “I just think it’s silly. Look, he’s running against Hillary Clinton. He’s running against a sexual harasser and an abuser’s enabler. So again, I don’t know why we’re not talking about that. You know, it has been litigated. You’re right about that. The Clintons were found guilty!”

“We’re not talking about that because it has nothing to do with what happened,” Lemon interrupted. “It has nothing to do with what happened. She’s not her husband… Her husband has been impeached over that…. That was over a decade ago.”

Schlichter interjected, “She backed him, she supported him. She had his back–”

Then both Grant and Schlichter began talking at the same time Lemon was defending the Clintons.

“You’re talking about something that happened over a decade ago. The man has been impeached for it. She is not responsible for her husband’s actions. Yet you’re bringing it into a campaign and it doesn’t seem fair,” Lemon argued. “So if you talk about Hillary Clinton, bring Hillary Clinton’s actions into it. Don’t bring the her husband’s actions into it.”

“I would like to bring Hillary Clinton’s actions into it,” Schlichter argued. “When she was given the choice about standing with a serial sexual abuser and with women who are being violated, she chose to stand with her husband, a serial sexual harasser.”

Lemon attempting to talk over Schlichter to get him to “stop” roughly seven times while Schlichter insisted that what he was saying was “fair.”

Lemon disagreed, “It is not fair. It is a low blow…. This is the lowest of the low. And it has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. It is just a cheap shot — can you please stop, can we stop, can we cut him off, please? We’re done.”

Schlichter said “No, it’s important to me, it’s important to millions of other Americans, and I submit it’s more important than Donald Trump’s.”

Then the interview was cut off and the show went to commercial break.

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