‘Morning Joe’ Panel Is Speechless After Hearing What Howard Dean Has To Say [VIDEO]

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Former Vermont governor and unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean stood by Hillary Clinton’s lie that ISIS was using video of Donald Trump to recruit, leaving the “Morning Joe” panel into stunned silence.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, Dean stood by Clinton’s lie claiming, “I mean, it’s all over Twitter. Al Jazeera’s printing it, it’s all over the Muslim world.” (RELATED:Donald Trump Isn’t In Any ISIS Recruitment Videos, But Bill Clinton Is [VIDEO])

“I mean, [stuttering] it’s better not to say things like what Donald Trump said because it does inflame the people who needs to help us. Look, my view on the Muslim population both in the country,” Dean explained.

“But she said that video of Donald Trump is being used by ISIS to recruit,” host Mika Brzezinski interjected. “That’s not true.”

“No, the video of Donald Trump is all over the air,” Dean claimed. “All over the Arab world. Therefore, it is true.”

“The video of Donald Trump is all over the world,” Brzezinski countered. “But it’s not being used by ISIS to recruit as far as anyone can confirm. Are you saying that she was saying something that was truthful?”

“Yeah. I think so,” Dean explained. “I mean, I think it’s on — if you look at Twitter, you’ll see ISIS supporters saying this is what Americans believe about Muslims. We ought to get going and do some more damage, basically.”

A speechless Brzezinski said, “That just, what’s going on?”

Co-host Joe Scarborough jumped in saying, “What do you mean?”

Brzezinski added, “Anybody want to help me out?”

“Look Mika, there was an interpretation of the remark which I can understand how people would make, saying there was a real video. That, I don’t think ISIS itself has made a video and all over the Arab world and ISIS is using the video of Donald Trump trashing Muslims to recruit. That is true,” Dean falsely claimed.

“Do we have evidence of that,” Scarborough asked. “I’m sorry, where are you getting this,” Brzezinski insisted.

“Just look on Twitter,” Dean argued. “Twitter,” questioned Brzezinski.

New York Times reporter Nick Confessore added, “Well, most of the fact-check organizations, Howard, have not been able to find a specific video that ISIS is using right now of Trump. Your broader point is accurate that they are using his ideas, his language on social media. But the video, look, if we’re going to slam Carly Fiorina on the Planned Parenthood and Donald Trump on New Jersey, then this is the same thing. Isn’t it?” (RELATED: Hillary’s Debate Fact-Check Request Backfires)

“I think I’d respectfully disagree,” Dean said.

Confessore explained, “Well, there you have it. On what basis, though?”

“Yeah, what is your basis, Howard?” Scarborough added.

“Because there is video. There is video of Donald Trump all over the Arab world available on Twitter where lots and lots of people are presumably ISIS supporters are saying this is what Americans think of us. We ought to do something more about it,” Dean claimed.

Panelist Mike Barnicle jumped in and said, “Let’s go back and get the actual quote of what Hillary Clinton said.”

“That’s been proven to be false,” Scarborough insisted. “I mean, every fact-checking organization has said that false. Howard is actually expanding it out to a more general point where if Hillary Clinton’s team has expanded it out, as you were saying Nick, to a more general point, that could have been true.”

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