Michael Moore Was Just Asked About Hillary Clinton’s Campaign — His Answer Will Shock You

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Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Michael Moore is worried about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

During an interview with Business Insider Wednesday, the director said she seemed lifeless.

[dcquiz]”My biggest concern about Hillary right now is her lack of inspiration,” Moore said. “She doesn’t get big crowds. There’s not a lot of excitement about her.”

“Too many young people see her as the same-old, same-old politics. So she is going to have to have a bit of what Obama had and a bit of what Bernie has if she’s going to be the candidate. I honestly believe that Bernie Sanders could be elected president of the United States.”

“I think people will pour out in droves to elect him and there’s just not enough angry white guys anymore over the age of 35 to put Trump in office.”

Michael Moore criticizes Hillary Clinton's campaign

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During the first Democratic debate, Clinton mocked Sanders when he said that Americans should strive to live more like Danes in Denmark.

Moore said that was a mistake. (RELATED: Pageant Bans Miss Puerto Rico Because Of Anti-Muslim Comments)

“When Bernie said that, Hillary ridiculed him and I thought, wow, Hillary, first of all, by making that statement she’s relying on the ignorance of the American public not knowing how well off their lives would be if they lived in Denmark,” Moore said.

Michael Moore lack of women in Hollywood is diversity

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“There’s nobody in Denmark that needs to work a second job. There’s nobody in Germany that needs to work a second job. Pencil makers make enough money to have a great life. And I asked them all there if they had a second job and they all laughed at me. They laughed at that question.” (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘The NRA Is Half Right’)