We Asked The Republicans Running For President What They Want For Christmas. Here’s What They Said.

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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The Daily Caller reached out to all the Republicans running for president and asked: “What (other than the White House) do you want for Christmas?”

Here are the different responses we got back from the campaigns:

Jeb Bush

A new grill.

Donald Trump

The only thing Mr. Trump wants is to Make America Great Again!

Mike Huckabee

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year and would like just three simple things for Christmas:

1) a new meat thermostat for my Masterbuilt smoker
2) to have my turntable fixed, because vinyl beats everything else!  (The first album I’ll put on is Meet The Beatles.)
3) some way to have my dogs with me on the campaign trail.  (That one’s a little more complicated, but please see what you can do.)

Thank you in advance,
Governor Mike Huckabee

Carly Fiorina

I want time at home with my family for Christmas (and I get it!)

Jim Gilmore

A safe and happy holiday for America’s veterans and active duty men and women in the military.

George Pataki

A spirit of unity, renewed confidence in America’s future and a Jets Super Bowl win!

We’ll update as we hear back from more campaigns.

Merry Christmas!

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