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Most Punchable Faces Of 2015

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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    1.Wesley Lowery (WaPo) & Ryan J. Reilly (HuffPost) – These bosom buddies felt it was more important to cover the red carpet of the 2015 White House Correspondent’s Dinner instead of covering a riot in Baltimore. They took lots of adorable selfies. They prided themselves on being detained by police in a Ferguson McDonald’s in 2014 and milked it for all it wasn’t worth. In 2015 they couldn’t have been more pleased when St. Louis County prosecutors ultimately charged them for trespassing and interfering with a police officer’s duties.
    2. Josh Duggar – because he molested four of his younger sisters. That is never acceptable.
    3. Brian Stelter – In a case of exquisite timing, the host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” let his wife snap photographs of herself in front of Stelter’s CNN portrait while colleagues packed up their belongings after being laid off. He’s also well-known for his frequent gossip sessions with CNN President Jeff Zucker. And if all that isn’t enough, in late June he made fun of his seasoned colleague Wolf Blitzer on Twitter and claimed it was meant for Direct Message. Which really doesn’t make it any better. What was said: “Ugh Wolf is the worst.” Stelter said he was quoting someone else.
    4. Chris Hayes – He’s a nightly annoyance. What’s more, his ratings actually go up when he’s not hosting. But it’s this rendition of “Happy Birthday” earns him a spot on this list.
    5. Matthew BoyleBreitbart News’ front man sucks up to Donald Trump like no other journalist alive.
    6. Rachel Dolezal – because race isn’t negotiable.
    7. Anthony Weiner – The former congressman who physically resembles a male body part continues to seek the limelight and has the audacity to think he’s some sort of media expert. In April he appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” and claimed that his wife, Huma, didn’t know where he was or that he was going to analyze campaign coverage of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Even the crisis communications firm that hired him couldn’t make things pleasant enough for him. Weiner quit in September. On the campaign trail Trump declared him “a perv” and “one of the great sleazebags of our time.”
    8. Touré Neblett – because no one in his position as an ex-MSNBCer should just go by one name, which is what he prefers. Who does he think he is, Cher? If that’s not bad enough, earlier in the year reports surfaced that he owes New York $59,000 in taxes.
    9. Sally Kohn – The liberal CNN contributor went bowling to raise money for abortion. An abortion fundraiser! “I’m lacing up my shoes and polishing my bowling ball to raise money for my local abortion fund,” she boasted in March.
    10. Rosie O’Donnell – Her face is punchable because it’s so big and round and makes a perfect target.
    11. Alex Pareene, editor-in-chief, Gawker – A journalist with a year round mustachioed porn star look deserves to be punched.
    12. Matthew Yglesias, executive editor, Vox – because no one should celebrate his son’s birth by celebrating abortion.
    13.Donald Trump – because the only journalists he likes are the ones who work for Breitbart News. He promises not to kill the others once he wins the White House.
    14. Ed Schultz – This ex-MSNBCer treated members of the media trying to interview him during his federal court trial like sh-t. He also requires more breath mints than a hippopotamus.
    15. Aaron Schock – The Republican lawmaker from Illinois resigned in March after embarrassing himself by having his office decked out to look like Downton Abbey. He resigned after sketchy use of congressional funds.
    16. Bill Cosby – Does anyone think he hasn’t drugged and had non-consensual sex with at least one woman at this point? Regardless, chances are high he has done something disgraceful in his life. He obviously deserves a spot on this list.
    17. John Bresnahan – Arrogance and a bad attitude gives this Politico reporter a firm spot on the list. He believes media reporting is ridiculous. But ironically he has no problem hurling this blistering attack on his colleagues.
    18. Montel WilliamsThe Mirror has a special relationship with this ex-daytime talk show host who has become something of a Twitter activist for vets. Earlier in the year, he accused The Daily Caller of being paid off by Trump for favorable campaign coverage. He has since apologized for his appalling behavior but still deserves a punch for the atrocity. The relationship changes on an hourly basis.
    19. Caitlyn Jenner, transgender superhero – He got more media attention than he deserves. Sadly, he hasn’t had the surgery.
    20. Nick Denton, managing editor, founder, Gawker – for trying to erase years of obnoxiousness by reinventing the site to be tame and angelic. You can’t really go to heaven after the fact.
    21. Charles C. Johnson, editor, Got News – His bright ginger locks and boastful personality make him one of the most punchable faces in media. But who doesn’t miss him on Twitter?

    22. Jared Fogle — The former face of Subway has marred the rep of the delicious eatery after he was convicted of trading child pornography and having sex with minors. Although sentenced to 15 years in prison, he still deserves a good punch in the face.
    23. HuffPost editorial staff — for deciding that Trump’s presidential campaign should be covered in its entertainment section alongside Kim Kardashian. In early December, Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington reversed that decision, saying, “We are no longer entertained.” This came after Trump called for a shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S. It’s unclear where placement of Trump coverage will be, but Huffington indicated that the site will always cover him with a negative bent. “We will no longer be covering his campaign in Entertainment,” she wrote. “But that’s not to say we’ll be treating it as if it were a normal campaign.” Huffington said reporters will tell the audience “who Trump really is” and “what his campaign really represents.”
    24. BuzzFeed’s head honcho Ben Smith for repeatedly using the word “gorgeous” to describe stories his reporters and others write. Paintings are gorgeous. Words published on the internet are not. Examples: 1. “Gorgeous Fathers Day read.” 2. “Read this gorgeous profile of Ben Carson @byjoelanderson and then maybe the dress will look different.” 3. “Just got to this gorgeous @ftrain piece. Wow.” 4. “One of the things that can go really viral these days is just gorgeous writing.”
    25. Wonkette’s Publisher Rebecca Schoenkopf – a perennial favorite on a list like this. There is never a time when the publisher of the world’s most poorly written site doesn’t deserve to be on it.