Another Male Teen Files Federal Suit Over MIND-BLOWING High School English Teacher Sex Romps

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A second male teenager has filed a federal lawsuit over the trauma he experienced because he had sex with his high school English teacher.

The teacher is Brianne Altice. She used to teach at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah. She is in prison now.

The lawsuit brought by the teen seeks unspecified monetary damages for physical and emotional pain as well as therapy costs because of the sex, reports The Salt Lake Tribune.

The suit names Altice, school officials and the deep-pocketed local school district as defendants. It claims that school officials failed to act when they knew or suspected that Altice was having sex with three male teen students.

The teen who filed the most recent federal claim was 17 when he had sex with Altice in 2013. He is now an adult. Altice is now 36.

This summer, a judge sentenced Altice to up to 30 years in prison for her trysts with the three teenagers.

Altice pleaded guilty to the charges against her. She delivered a tearful apology in open court in the hope of securing a lenient sentence.

“I’ve learned lessons beyond what you can imagine,” Altice told the court back in July, according to Salt Lake City Fox affiliate KSTU.

The divorced teacher also said her children need her.

The judge was not moved.

Ultimately, Altice must serve at least two years behind bars.

Initially, the former English teacher was arrested for having sex with just one male student. He was 16. She pleaded for mercy at the time, claiming that four criminal charges against her should be dismissed because she was victimized by the teen lothario’s aggressive and very intent mission to bed her. (RELATED: Teacher Claims SHE Is A Victim Because Teen’s Sweet Talk WORE HER DOWN For Sex)

Later, Altice was arrested again for sex with an underage student while out on bail. Another student, then 17, came forward claiming that he engaged in sex — and oral sex — with Altice.

The most recent civil suit was filed this week in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City.

The previously-filed federal suit, also filed this month, alleges that the male teen plaintiff deserves a cash award because Altice had sex with the male teens in her home (while her husband was gone), in parks and in parking lots. School officials knew, the suit claims, but failed to rescue the male students from the flings and the resulting mental anguish and emotional injuries.

School administrators “knew or should have known of Ms. Altice’s improper relationships with minor children prior to her being offered a teaching position at Davis High School,” the second suit claims, according to the Tribune.

Also, the suit contends, the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause creates an obligation on the part of school officials to prevent male teens from having sex with female teachers, notes the Deseret News.

Lawsuits against female teachers who have sex with underage male students are becoming increasingly common across America.

Last year, for example, a now-adult male student sued a Texas school district and his one-time teacher because, he claims, all the sex he had with the teacher so stunted him emotionally that was forced to delay entry into the Marine Corps. (RELATED: Lawsuit: Teen’s Sex Romps With Female Teacher So Mind-Blowing He Can’t Join Marines)

Also in 2014, a Scranton, Penn. attorney indicated plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of a male high school student who claims he had sex with a 31-year-old high school English teacher. The attorney said the student was “a victim of sexual assault” who suffered “damages and injuries.” (Sex With This Teacher Was So Traumatic For A Male Teenager He Plans To Sue His High School)

And it’s hard to forget the male student who had a passionate affair with a Southern California high school teacher, fathered her child and then sued the local school district. The unidentified dad, now an adult, also cast blame on the teacher’s parents, who stepped in to help raise his baby for him while the wayward teacher served a prison sentence. (RELATED: Teen Who Had Sex With Teacher Sues School District After Learning Where Babies Come From)

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