Armstrong Williams: Ben Carson Is The Only ‘Authentic Evangelical Christian In The Race’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Armstrong Williams, Ben Carson’s business manager and advisor said the neurosurgeon “is the only true authentic Evangelical Christian in the race.”

Appearing on CNN’s “The Lead” with guest host Jim Sciutto on Thursday, Williams suggested that in the wake of Carson’s campaign shakeup, Carson “has to get in on message.” (RELATED: SHAKE-UP: Ben Carson’s Campaign Manager, Communications Director Resign)

Sciutto asked Williams how Carson was going to turn around his “marked decline in the polls” ahead of Iowa and Williams said, “You know, if history bears out, Dr. Carson will not be the first person who may have dropped in the polls and come back in time for Iowa and he wins it.” (RELATED: Trump Thinks Ben Carson Is ‘Finished As A Nominee’ For President [VIDEO])

“You know, listen, Dr. Carson in my opinion is the only true authentic Evangelical Christian in the race. He’s very sincere, he is very real. There are a lot of people who talk a good game about their faith, including Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz. Dr. Carson lives it. The more people that know Dr. Carson, the more they believe in him, his favorability,” Williams insisted.

“What Dr. Carson has to do, which he is doing now, is get in on message. He’s had a major burden lifted for him today” after his campaign manager and communications director resigned, Williams argued. Carson “made changes he spoke about. He’s put in place a new team and Dr. Carson is marching forward. He’s on message. He’s confident. I’ve never seen him more relaxed, more authoritarian, and more in control and that is good news as we go into 2016.”

Williams blamed the drop in Carson’s poll numbers on “Paris, terrorism, San Bernardino, California, terrorism. Dr. Carson is not the one that stands like Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz and say [sic] these things and incinerate and people think because you speak loud and say fiery things you’re a leader and you’re in control.”

Carson is “soft-spoken. And sometimes people confuse soft-spokenness with not being strong enough, but Dr. Carson has learned that sometimes soft-spokenness is not enough. He will be more authoritarian in the way that he speaks. There will be more fire in his belly. And he will talk about the issues, but not in an offensive way. Not in a way that you offend people in the process. And you will see that change,” Williams said. (RELATED: Carson: Islam Is Not Consistent With The Constitution [VIDEO])

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