CNN Anchor Shocked To Learn There Are 14 Women Who Claim Bill Clinton Sexually Assaulted Them [VIDEO]

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CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota was shocked to learn that there are at least 14 women who could make claims that former President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them.

Thursday, on CNN’s “New Day,” CNN political commentator Errol Louis told Camerota, “There are about 14 women who could be said to have made claims at one time or another.”

Aghast, Camerota said, “Is that right? Fourteen?”

Lewis replied, “Well, if you go to the sort of right-wing websites and the talk radio crowd. There are about 14 names out there.”

Leading into Camerota’s amazement, a clip of Donald Trump was played where he took shots at Bill and Hillary Clinton insisting that “Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump… And, you know, when she said that, I had no choice because I didn’t start it. I had no choice, and I did have to mention her husband’s situation.” During that same rally in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Trump said that Bill Clinton was “is one of the great abusers [of women] of the world.” (RELATED: Donald Trump: Bill Clinton Is ‘One Of The Great Abusers Of The World’ [VIDEO])

Some of Clinton’s accusers include Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffet, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, and Cristy Zercher.

In the Starr Report, Monica Lewinsky testified that Bill Clinton told her that “he had hundreds of affairs” before he turned 40.

Lewis explained that Donald Trump brings up Bill Clinton’s “situation” in order to “take Bill Clinton out of the equation. Wants to either embarrass him or otherwise frighten him off the campaign trail.”

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