Ronda Rousey Quotes Shakespeare In Really Depressing Instagram Post

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It appears that Ronda Rousey still hasn’t gotten over her shocking loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193, judging from the extremely depressing picture she posted to Instagram Monday.

Rousey quoted Shakespeare in her latest post saying, “I was once adorned too.” (VIDEO: WATCH Ronda Rousey Get Knocked Out At UFC 193)


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The former UFC champion apparently must think she’s no longer “adorned” by her millions of fans now that she is no longer undefeated. (RELATED: Ronda Rousey Addresses Her Shocking Defeat For First Time)

Rousey’s post isn’t the only depressing comments made about her recently. Her sister wrote a piece for Vice News about her sister and said in part:

Then there was Australia, where we expected Ronda to win. Just like we always do. Just like we always will. But she didn’t. I haven’t rewatched it. I haven’t read about it. I won’t. I don’t see a point in reliving the moment when a part of my loved one died, when I saw someone I cared about have her soul crushed. I saw how horrible people can be to someone they don’t even know, which made me even more appreciative when I saw how wonderfully Ronda’s friends and family treated her. Those are the people that matter.

Rousey shouldn’t be sad for too long because she’s set to get back in the ring eventually and is also starring in the remake of “Road House.”

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