Gun Laws & Legislation Responds To Obama’s Gun Control Initiative

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
Font Size: is an online classified site for people looking to sell firearms. Armslist doesn’t handle the transaction, they allow ads for people wanting to sell guns or gun related gear and the transaction is handled between the individual buyer and seller.

“Today’s action regarding background checks is well-meaning, but ultimately ineffective.” Jon Gibbon, a principal at Armslist, stated to the Daily Caller. “The proposed actions do nothing to make useful information more available to private individuals.”

Individuals visiting are required to agree to terms and conditions before using the site. Armslist even provides the contact information to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive if anyone is confused about the legality of the transaction.

When asked about the additional background check requirements Gibbon stated, “Many, if not most, private sellers want to do background checks. Oftentimes, the reason they do not is because under the current system, their only recourse is to physically go to a licensed dealer and pay the dealer a fee to do the check. This is costly and burdensome. We need to change this, and make NICS information more accessible to private citizens.”

President Obama claims that the new measures will reduce gun violence. When asked if he agrees Gibbon stated, “We must shed light on those who seek to operate under the cover of darkness. Further scrutiny of law-abiding people will not stop criminals. The limited ATF and FBI resources should be spent catching actual criminals rather than scrutinizing law-abiding citizens.”

Mike Piccione