Remember Elbert Guillory? He’s Back, And He’s Ripping Obama A New One

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Elbert Guillory, the Republican state senator in Louisiana beloved by some conservatives for his YouTube critiques of the president, is out with a fiery clip ripping into President Obama over ISIS and guns.

“Instead of moving troops to secure our southern border, he opens up the floodgates to Syrian refugees,” Guillory says in the video shared first with The Daily Caller. “And throughout what is rising to level of a new world war, he remains driven to reduce our rights to own guns.”

In the four-minute long video, produced by his Free At Last PAC, Guillory says his “love for America has grown deeper and greater.”

“But I believe this president and his sympathizers feel just the opposite,” Guillory says. “Liberals share in a hatred for America. And for the idea of American exceptionalism. And they project their own hatred onto radical Islam, suggesting that terror is somehow America’s fault. In President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s mind, we deserve this.”


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