Cruz On North Korean H-Bomb: ‘It Stems From The Clinton Administration’

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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SIBLEY, Iowa — Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] took shots at the Clinton administration on Wednesday for North Korea’s claim that it detonated a hydrogen bomb. Cruz compared Bill Clinton’s nuclear deal with North Korea, which he says led to the country’s access to nuclear weapons, to President Obama’s present nuclear deal with Iran.

“This underscores the foolishness of the Obama Clinton foreign policy. Let’s rewind a little bit of history. Why is it that Kim Jong Un have nuclear weapons today? It stems from the Clinton administration when the Clinton administration led the world in relaxing sanctions against North Korea,” Cruz said to supporters at a coffee house in Iowa.

“They did it in exchange for a promise that they wouldn’t develop nuclear weapons. Billions of dollars floated to North Korea. They used those billions of dollars and now they develop those nuclear weapons claiming they have a hydrogen bomb now and they are threatening to use that nuclear arsenal against the United States.”

Cruz described the lead negotiator of both nuclear deals for both Obama and Clinton administrations, Wendy Sherman, a State Department official, as someone “who negotiated this failed catastrophic deal” during her years under Clinton.”

“Fast forward to the present time. Obama is the president. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. They recruit back into the government Wendy Sherman. They literally found the one person on the face of the planet that already screwed this up once and they brought her in to lead the Iranian nuclear deal,” Cruz said.

He explained, “So Wendy Sherman she negotiated the same naïve nonsensical deal with Iran–$150 billion flowing to Iran, and we trust the mullahs who are saying, “No, no no. We don’t want nuclear weapons we want nuclear technology for cancer research.”

“I’m not making that up. John Kerry said oh cancer research that’s great. It underscores why I intend on day one to rip to shreds this Iranian nuclear deal,” Cruz said.

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