Mark Levin Rants About Obama Selectively Shedding Tears [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Radio host Mark Levin ranted about President Barack Obama crying during his gun control speech and questioned why the president has not cried during other major tragedies during his administration.

“Did Obama cry when the precious young lady was murdered in cold blood in San Francisco, a sanctuary city? We didn’t hear from him for 48 to 72 hours,” Levin said Tuesday. “Did Obama cry when an American reporter was decapitated on tape? No, 10 minutes later he was seen laughing and going off to play golf.” (RELATED: Obama Cries While Talking About Newtown Shooting [VIDEO])

“Did Obama cry when in the mass murder in San Bernardino, California when he made his statement? No. And he got around and going and visiting the area, and those folks on the way to his vacation,” he said. “I’m sorry, I can’t put up with this crap!” (AUDIO: Mark Levin: Because Of Race, Obama Is Reducing Mandatory Minimums On Violent Gun Offenders)

“Obama has made this a more violent, crime ridden, terrorist target, this nation. He absolutely has. And what did he do to our police departments? What has he done to them? From Ferguson to Chicago to Baltimore,” Levin argued the police officers are “treated like crap!”

[dcquiz] “And we don’t need to stay in America, let’s look overseas,” he continued. “What does this president do to our military? What does he does to our military? He’s eviscerated our military. He harasses our military, he socially engineers our military, he changes standards for our military to ensure that one constituent group or another will wear the uniform, even though they are not physically and otherwise qualified. He doesn’t care. He attacks their health insurance, he attacks their pay, he pink slips them.”

Levin then ranted, “So, an Islamonazi slips through our visa system under this president’s watch, Congress is poised to punish these sanctuary cities by cutting off funding, Obama threatens to veto it. Obama releases violent illegal immigrants back into our town, Obama releases violent homegrown felons back into our towns. He won’t secure the border. He won’t enforce deportation. He undermines our police departments and we’re supposed to believe he cares about protecting life in this country?”

“And of course overseas, I don’t remember Obama shedding a single tear for the young girls who are enslaved and raped repeatedly and brutalized. Do you? No, he’s busy attacking we the people.”

“He won’t even use the phrase Islamic terrorism, let alone Islamonazi, and historically, I”m accurate,” he claimed. “He doesn’t shed a tear, not a drop, when Christians are being wiped out and Yazidis are being wiped out and the Kurds are under attack and every other group you can possibly imagine, he never sheds a tear. Doesn’t shed a tear for the Jews who are terrorized and slaughtered in Israel by Palestinian terrorists. He doesn’t shed a tear, not a tear for black Christians in Nigeria and the Sudan who are brutalized and murdered and sold into slavery and raped by Islamonazis. Not a tear.”

“But today he is shedding tears for proposals that wouldn’t have stopped a single mass murder in the United States of America on his watch or anybody else’s because he’s not about that,” Levin argued. Obama is “about changing our governing system.”

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