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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, “In 2010, roughly 80,000 prohibited people committed a felony by trying to buy a gun, just 44 were prosecuted for it.” [VIDEO]

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Wayne LaPierre goes straight to the truth about background checks in a newly released video.

The NRA’s Executive Vice President explains the fallacies of the NICS system and why background checks fail and what it would take to fix the system.

“38 States submit less than 80% of their felony convictions,” which accounts for the ability of a felon to get a gun through the current system according to the video. Wayne then questions the lack of data submission and challenges politicians by stating, “and the records only get submitted if the politicians demand it.”

Wayne uses a great analogy to explain the current proposal by President Obama, “If you cast a net and the fish swim through the holes, you don’t need a bigger net – you need tighter holes.”

Mr. LaPierre then explains the role the NRA played in supporting background checks and the desired prosecution of people ineligible to buy a gun.

“In 2010, roughly 80,000 prohibited people committed a felony by trying to buy a gun,” per the video, “just 44 were prosecuted for it.”

The video forces us to ask ourselves: Why don’t politicians want to fix the system but instead want to expand a broken system?

The video closes with LaPierre making a plea to do what works:

“Put armed security in every school.”

“Fix the broken mental health system.”

“Enforce federal gun laws.”

“Prosecute dangerous people when they show up to buy a gun.”

“Put every prohibited person in the system.”

“-That’s what common sense gun laws look like.”