World’s Strongest Man: THIS Is What You Need To Eat In Order To Gain Muscle

Christian Datoc | Breaking News and Engagement Editor

Eddie Hall might not be a household name, but take my word — the man knows a thing or two about maximizing his gains.

Back in 2015, the British Strongman set the world record for deadlift — *cough* *cough* twice — and he recently detailed his recommended diet for packing on the muscle on Facebook.

Spoiler alert: if you aren’t taking in 9,000 calories a day, then you’re just cheating yourself.

First thing in the morning you need to kick start your appetite and get a dose of protein, so 2 scoops Dynamo gainer with full fat milk.

Then a cup of green tea with a tea spoon of coconut oil.

For breakfast a high dose of carbs so 100g dry oats with milk and jam, 1 banana, 250ml Greek yoghurt, and a 700ml protein shake DynaPro lean.

Mid morning I like to have something mid card, mid protein heavy so 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter on.
500 cals

Before dinner I have one scoop of micronised bcaa’s with cordial.

Dinner, 300g chicken or steak, 300g rice or pasta, 200g vegetables.
A Dynabar for pudding.
1500/2000 cals

After dinner another cup of green tea with a tea spoon coconut oil.

1 hour before training:-
Energy shake nutri-blended:- 2 bananas, 75g almonds, 15g coconut oil, 15 peanut butter + 500ml full fat milk.

15mins before training 2 scoop of Dynamo pre workout.

During first half of training session:-
Energy shake:-
1 litre of cranberry juice with 2 scoops maltodextrin, 1 scoop creatine, 1 scoop bcaa’s, 1 scoop glutamine, 1 scoop taurine.

During second half of training:-
Gainer shake:-
1 scoop DynaPro gain
1 scopp DynaPro lean
1 litre Guernsey milk

Spag Bol 300g mince /300g pasta
200g vegetables.
Bowl of DynaPro mousse 3-400ml

Bedtime snack:-
2x zma tabs

Total cals min= 9000calories

2.5kg DynaPro gain
1.2kg DynaPro lean
5kg maltodextrin
270g Dynamo pre workout
2x 12 Dynabars
1.2kg DynaPro mousse
1kg creatine
0.5kg micronised BCAAS
0.5kg Glutamine
0.5kg taurine
2x 460 tubs of coconut oil
2 tubs peanut butter smooth
100 X multivits
90 X Zma

That’s one hungry, hungry hippo.

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