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MSNBC Awkwardly Zooms In On Wes Lowery’s Ugly Sweater/Chin

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Washington Post race reporter Wesley Lowery was subjected to the strangest of camera angles during an appearance on MSNBC Saturday.

While doing a TV hit on Melissa Harris-Perry‘s program, Lowery, who landed a coveted spot on The Daily Caller‘s “Most Punchable Faces” for 2015, the camera zoned in on his Bill Cosby sweater.

Some joker also oddly focused right in on his face and lips. Just as the camera hit, Lowery parted his lips to reveal teeth that have seen their whiter days.

Even Harris-Perry made note of the odd camera angle.

“And there’s Wes’ssss chin, HEY!” she noted.