Bloomberg’s Halperin: ‘More Likely Than Ever’ Clinton Will Have To Speak To FBI [VIDEO]

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Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin said it’s “more likely than it’s ever been that” Hillary Clinton will have to “speak to the FBI [or] maybe go before a grand jury” regarding emails she sent as secretary of state.

[dcquiz] Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, Halperin said that “there was a major development in the emails controversy regarding an email that she had with Jake Sullivan about asking [for] some information to be sent to her by fax.” (RELATED: Bombshell Email Shows Hillary Instructed Adviser To Strip Markings From Sensitive Talking Points)

This specific email issue “is one of the most significant developments and makes it more likely than it’s ever been that she and or Jake Sullivan will be asked to speak to the FBI, maybe go before a grand jury.”

Jake Sullivan was Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser at State. (VIDEO: Bob Woodward: Hillary’s Latest Email Flap Shows She Wanted To ‘Subvert The Rules’)

Halperin said, “There’s an email in which she seemed to suggest that she wanted information sent that couldn’t be emailed to her, faxed to her in a way that suggested a cavalier attitude about handling of classified information. There’s still more facts to be known, but it does from people I’ve talked to make it more likely than ever [that Clinton will have to speak to the FBI]. Imagine if in the next couple weeks the FBI wants to talk to her. Imagine the implications of that.”

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