Hillary Clinton Won’t Take Responsibility For Her Own Evolving Positions [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton doesn’t think that she should be “held responsible” for her evolved positions on key issues.

Monday, during an editorial meeting with the Des Moines Register, Clinton was asked if her “trust issue” could be traced back to her “evolved” positions on key issues and she replied, “Well, I don’t see why. I don’t know anybody whose positions haven’t evolved.”

“Why would I be held responsible for evolving positions,” Clinton wondered. Claiming, “I think [that] is a strength, as you learn more. But if you mention specific positions, I’m more than happy to respond. If I’m the only person ever running for office in America who has, quote, ‘evolved positions,’ I would be surprised.”

Some of Clinton’s most notable changes in position include the war in Iraq, Keystone XL pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, racial profiling, and gay marriage — to name a few. (RELATED: FLASHBACK To 2001: Did Hillary Clinton Support RACIAL Profiling? [VIDEO])

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