NHL Player Looks Down For A Second, Instantly Gets Lit Up [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Edmonton Oilers’ forward Taylor Hall learned the hard way that it’s important to keep your head up while playing hockey after taking a brutal hit from Florida Panthers’ defenseman Erik Gudbranson.

Hall crossed into the neutral zone with the puck attempting to make a play down the ice. Unfortunately for Hall, he forgot to keep his eyes up and remain aware of his surroundings. (RELATED: RIP To This NHL Player Who Had His Head Taken Off By MASSIVE Hit [VIDEO])

Gudbranson saw the easy target, and absolutely drilled him.


That is why you always keep your head up in hockey because if you don’t then you’re essentially begging to get destroyed. (RELATED: NHL Star Gets Body-Slammed With Headlock Takedown)

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