Sean Penn: ‘I’ve Got Nothing To Hide’

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Sean Penn isn’t apologizing for interviewing the notorious drug lord Joaquin Guzman.

In an email exchange with the Associated Press Monday, the 55-year-old actor defended himself when he was asked how he felt about Mexican authorities closely monitoring his visit.

“I’ve got nothin’ to hide,” Penn wrote. (RELATED: Hollywood Actor Secretly Met With El Chapo Months Before His Arrest)

Sean Penn El Chapo interview

(Photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

When the AP reporter noted that he made several journalists envious, Penn only responded with, “True dat.”

Penn secretly met with “El Chapo” for an interview in October after he escaped from a Mexican prison in July, and he was heavily criticized for doing so after he published the interview in Rolling Stone magazine Saturday. (RELATED: Marco Rubio: Sean Penn’s Interview With El Chapo Is ‘Grotesque’)

Following the publication of Penn’s story, several Mexican outlets reportedly published photos of him and actress Kate del Castillo during their time there.

Guzman was later captured in a shootout that killed six of his associates, and Mexican law enforcement later said that it was Penn’s interview that helped lead authorities to Guzman.